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Our Mission and Objectives

Everything that exists on earth can be divided into two: that which is naturally occurring and that which is man-made. It is clear, on a quiet reflection, that all that is man-made has its origin in the imagination fired up by discomfort or a refusal to accept the norm. In order to create a new paradigm, one must engage in pregenerative thinking the ability to envision not just the change but the actualization of that change.

Thus at Pregen Business School, curiosity, both intellectual and entrepreneurial, shall inform our actions and excellence in all things shall drive our ambitions.

In the pursuit of our Mission, our goal is self-determination through sustainable enterprise. We aim to deliver on each part of our mission at the highest level of excellence in pregenerative leadership consistent with the best regional and global practices.

The Pregen Business School seeks a body of creative thinkers with a wealth creation mindset, visionary in approach and results-driven in reality to join us for learning, mentoring and enterprise for the next generation.

Our Core Beliefs

  1. The pregenerative spirit shall be our guiding and default mental state
  2. We shall build upon a foundation of ownership based on stake-holding
  3. We shall be committed to 100% employment through a robust network of champions from diverse fields (private and public sectors) who will provide business funding, technical, infrastructure and mental support, access to employment opportunities, scholarship and enterprise development

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