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Accreditation, Licensing and Memberships

All programs of study offered by PGBS are accredited by the UofA, the American Academy of Project Management and the American Academy of Financial Management.

Accreditation is both a status and a process. As a status, accreditation provides public notification that an institution or program meets standards of quality set forth by an accrediting agency. As a process, accreditation reflects the fact that in achieving recognition by the accrediting agency, the institution or program is committed to self-study and external review by one's peers in seeking not only to meet standards but to continuously seek ways in which to enhance the quality of education and training provided.

Importance of Accreditation
Accreditation status can give you an indication of a university’s general quality and reputation.

  • You are assured of a basic level of quality in education and services
  • Credits are more likely to be transferable to other accredited institutions
  • Your degree is more likely to be recognized and respected by other colleges and employers



The University of Atlanta is accredited by the Accreditation Service for International Colleges (ASIC). The University has earned Premier status with ASIC for its commendable areas of operation. ASIC is an independent United Kingdom body which provides an accreditation service for independent further and higher education colleges and Universities worldwide. It is recognized by the United Kingdom Department for Education and Skills (DfES), the United Kingdom Department for Universities, Innovation and Skills (DUIS), the United Kingdom Border and Immigration Agency (Home Office), the United Kingdom Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted), and the United Kingdom Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA). ASIC is a member of Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) International Quality Group (CIQG). ASIC is a full member of the International NEtwork for Quality Assurance Agencies of Higher Education (INQAAHE). ASIC accreditation gives reassurance to potential students, their parents and education representatives that the operation of their chosen college conforms with relevant United Kingdom laws and offers genuine courses, which are delivered to appropriate standards with acceptable quality, and which lead to recognized qualifications with international standards. ASIC Accreditation also provides reassurance to the Border and Immigration Agency (Home Office) that the college meets their requirements for overseas students and, in general, does not harm the perceived quality of the United Kingdom education provision.

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Listings & Approvals

DANTES - FUNDING FOR US MILITARY SERVICEMEN The University of Atlanta has been qualified and listed by DANTES, the official organization which oversees Military Funding for higher education (applicable to eligible US servicemen in conformity with the regulations established by each branch of the US Military).

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US DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS The University of Atlanta has been approved by the US Department of Veterans Affairs for G.I. Bill funding.

Professional Recognition


The University of Atlanta was recently named one of the three national chapters of AAPM. As the official Southern chapter and as an approved training center and examination administrator for the American Academy of Project Management (AAPM), the university plays a vital role in the context of a Global Board of Standards and Accreditation Council for project management industry professionals and related institutions.

AAPM’s Global Board of Standards issues Project Management Certification to qualified professionals who meet an acceptable combination of the following graduate professional criteria and standards of:

  • Specialized Graduate Education
  • Industry Training & Experience
  • Acquired Industry Knowledge and Expertise
  • The Academy offers graduate training in more than 20 countries in collaboration with leading (recognized and accredited) education providers
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The American Academy of Financial Management (AAFM)’s International Board of Standards is a worldwide financial professional certifying body and accreditation commission with members in 150+ countries. The AAFM Board of Standards approves official AAFM Degree Programs, Government Programs, Executive Training and certification training courses worldwide. The AAFM Board offers our exclusive distinctions, certifications, and designations to candidates who meet the high standards and graduate requirements. The AAFM Board has direct legal agreements with the top 560 double accredited business schools in the world. Any AAFM Global Executive Education would be official AAFM Approved Training Courses that are offered internationally. Graduates of AAFM Board recognized graduate degree programs and approved executive courses are immediately eligible to register and apply directly to AAFM for the respective AAFM Board of Standards issued distinction and certification.

With AAFM Board liaison representative offices in Singapore, UK, India, China, Africa, EU, UK, Latin America, West Indies, Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam, Middle East, Cairo, Amman, Dubai, New York, Athens, Moscow and Australasia. The American Academy Certification and Accreditation is the Gold Standard for Graduate Management Education Worldwide in the areas of Wealth Management, Banking, Investment Management, Project Management, and Risk Management.

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The University of Atlanta is licensed by the Georgia Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Commission. The Commission administers the Nonpublic Postsecondary Educational Institutions Act of 1990 by providing standards, procedures, and evaluation for the oversight of postsecondary institutions. The staff reviews and authorizes each college or school annually, provides consumer information and protection, resolves student complaints, manages institution closures and resulting student records, prepares required publications and grants exemptions as applicable. The staff also develops new and/or revised standards, procedures, regulations and schedules in response to changing laws, needs and circumstances.



The University of Atlanta is a member of the Society for Research into Higher Education, a UK-based international learned society which seeks to advance understanding of higher education, especially through the insights, perspectives and knowledge offered by systematic research and scholarship. The Society aims to be the leading international society in the field, as to both the support and the dissemination of research. It further seeks to develop opportunities through which students, teachers and scholars in the field can engage with policy makers, practitioners within higher education and other potential interested parties so that policy and practices may be shaped by the needs of the time and by the outcomes of research endeavors.
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University of Atlanta has been recognized as a Bronze Member by the Unites States Distance Learning Association (USDLA). The United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA) is a 501(c) 3 non-profit association formed in 1987 and is located in Boston, Massachusetts. The association reaches 20,000 people globally with sponsors and members operating in and influencing 46% of the $913 billion dollar U.S. education and training market.


University of Atlanta is a member of the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL). The Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) links learning and work. CAEL is a nonprofit that works at all levels within the higher education, public, and private sectors to make it easier for people to get the education and training they need.


The University of Atlanta is a member of the Council of College and Military Educators (CCME).

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