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Doctorate Degree Program

The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program is designed for highly qualified professionals (executives, senior consultants, university professors and others) who seek to further their professional standing and educational background by embracing the challenges of innovative, cutting-edge theories, methodologies, research and applications.

Pregen Business School offers online doctoral degree programs in diverse fields. Distinguish yourself as a leader in your chosen domain, or design the processes that will bring a significant change in your industry.

Doctoral degree programs combine theory, practice and leadership to help you influence and inspire others in your field. With one of PGBS's online doctoral programs, you can achieve a new level of success and credibility within your respective domain. An online doctorate from UofA can assist you to advance from practitioner level to leadership role.

Benefits of a Doctorate Degree

24/7 support

Our online bachelorís degree programs and 24/7 support services are initiated to meet the needs of working adults, facilitating you to balance work and family responsibilities while pursuing your degree.

Flexibility to Students

Working adults and professionals donít have to give up your current career; they can study as per their schedule.Only they need is an Internet connection to attend lectures and work on assignments and projects.

Distinguished Faculty

Our faculty members includes scholars, researchers, and leaders who are highly experienced in their respective fields. They are committed to student success in the online learning environment.

Doctorate Degree Program in leading fields

Pregen Business School's online master's degree programs are offered in diverse fields of study. Every program is designed to develop students with knowledge and experiential learning that are essential for taking advantage of lucrative career opportunities.

We are offering following Doctorate Degree Programs:

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