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Online Education

New Demands

Todayís organisations require profound specialist knowledge, but also flexible thinking, subtle management skills, practical expertise and the ability to work with a diverse group of people.

A New Way Of Learning

These demands are way beyond the capabilities of traditional classroom and distance learning methods. By bringing likeminded professionals together in our unique 100% online learning environment, we enable them to share the latest thinking from the real world.

A degree that fits into your life

All of your coursework, class discussions and group projects take place in an online environment which is Ďasynchronousí. There are no fixed lecture times, the classroom is always open and you donít need to synchronise your study with anyone else. You can interact with your instructors and fellow students whenever and wherever you want.

Intensive and relevant

Our average class size is around 18, which means our staff have time to give you personal attention at every stage. We believe flexibility is about more than convenience; itís about relevance too. Thatís why you can customise your programme to suit your own specific work and career priorities, or follow one of our pre-set Specialisation Tracks if you want to concentrate on a particular area of study.

Rigorous and challenging

You would expect a degree from the Pregen Business School to be demanding. And you would be right. The academic standards required for our online programmes are just as high as those for the on-campus equivalents. This is no soft option.

From the moment your programme starts, you are in constant discussion with your classmates. You get regular feedback and grading from your instructor and continuous support from a dedicated member of our student support team. So, whilst your programme is tough, it never feels like a solo effort.

Family, friends and work

For most of our students, a programme is a joint undertaking outside the virtual classroom too. You will need the full support of your family, friends and employer if you are to surmount the many challenges of this holistic experience. But, as you steadily transform your professional knowledge and skills into a respected qualification, you can expect the rewards of an unparalleled sense of satisfaction, renewed confidence and increased effectiveness in your job.

New directions, new opportunities

Our programmes are not for everybody; they demand concentration, commitment and sheer hard work. We believe the experience will revitalise your career prospects, recast your understanding of the workplace and reveal opportunities you never imagined. This experience will change your life.

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